Thursday, 22 November 2007

wig of blood session recording

have a look at this.

i really want to get them to record the song 'i will murder the tiny breakdancing child' or something.

$169 is about £80.

would people be willing to pay about £5 each or something to get them to record a song? we could write the lyrics together. please say if you are 'in' in the comments section. if enough people want to do it, i'll set up a paypal account or something. then i'll post the finished song on the wig of blood myspace for download, etc.


Socrates Adams-Florou said...

Here are some lyrics I would like to be sung.

'yeah baby, sex me up
not enough hours in the day
my hot ipod
covered in snot
gunna shove it in slot!!

By slot I mean USB
too hot for you and me
part of my anatomy
another broken dream


We are the children of our parents
with a dream of sleep
so tired of all the apathy
corporations, co-operation, indigation....



(you just repeat the last line until everyone kills you)

Frank Morgan said...

here is a short program in BASIC (as used by the BBC Micro computer.) warning, if followed you will a) be stuck in an endless loop and b) ruin your pc monitor

10. get cup of tea
20. begin reading blog entry
30. take a big sip of tea
40. get to bit about the fiver
50. spray tea all over monitor
60. goto 10

saying that, it would be well funny, did you hear their demo songs?

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

look at this