Thursday, 6 December 2007

new blurbs, etc.

i have a couple more blurbs for my novel now. i'm excited. i've put them up on my myspace page.

also, my flatmate has a book review here. (prognostic: predictive of something in the future; anachronistic: something happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order; rambunctious: difficult to control or handle, wildly boisterous)


chris killen's flatmate said...

Thank you for marketing, glossing and feeding me.
Let me show my gratitude by putting on the marigolds this evening..

chris killen said...

too late. the marigolds have been put on and taken off again. everything in here is so clean it's disgusting. i can see my face in the sofa.

Brian said...

I once saw my face in the sofa--or was that I once had my face in the sofa--either way, it was fun.

Frank Morgan said...

‘putting the marigolds on’ means something entirely different in my house