Sunday, 16 December 2007

news, links, lack of imagination

i have one new blurb for my novel, from Toby Litt.

the German and Italian rights have now sold.

i have a short story accepted for the next Comma Press anthology, Brace, out February 2008. i submitted this story about a year and a half ago.

this is a good blog. you should read it.

my friend Jenn has also started another blog, which looks good.

here is a picture of the washing basket in my room, surrounded by other things:


Brian, the other white meat said...

My God, Chris. Toby Lit? What did Sian have to do to get that for you? Was there more scraps involved???

Anonymous said...

your face is an egg.

Tao Lin said...

it looks happy

sarah said...
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sarah said...

hello chris! thank you for the link, i thought i was imagining it at first because it is monday morning and i not properly awake. but i was not. so thank you :)