Tuesday, 11 December 2007

smaller + 'international'

i am going to become smaller
i am going to become 'international'
i am going to shake the paw of a dog
and the paw of the dog will be massive in my tiny hand
i am going to go into a shop
and ask for something
in an accent
that no one will be able to understand
it will be wonderful
and rain will slide down the windows of the shop
like something in a poem
drunk, over-analytical, un-edited

three inches tall
i will sometimes sit in a matchbox
and sometimes float around the sink in the bathroom
clinging to an upturned thimble
screaming things in a miniature voice
like a famous person


xtx said...

that was nice

chris killen said...

thank you. that was nice that you thought that was nice. everything is nice now.

www.myspace.com/Brianglc said...

My, my, Sir. a poem of sorts I actually like. Well done.

Tao Lin said...

i enjoyed this poem

i notice that story i enjoyed is gone now

i have no opinion about that

chris killen said...

the story is still there. it is an 'old one' (24th April). you must have found it by accident.