Wednesday, 12 December 2007

word counts

yesterday i found out that the American amazon tells you word counts for books. i got excited about this. all the 'mystery' has been removed from my life.

Fear and Trembling - Amelie Nothomb: 18,327 words

Jesus' Son
- Denis Johnson: 26,164 words

An Unfortunate Woman
- Richard Brautigan: 27,474 words

(my novel is currently 32,502 words)

- Knut Hamsun: 42,941 words

Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?
- Lorrie Moore: 45,361 words


chris killen's flatmate said...

My current draft = 451 words.

Stick or twist?

Ben Myers said...

Excellent news. I'm currently 'half way' through writing three novels at around 30,000 words each.

So now I've decided I'm 'four-fifths' of the way through instead

It's easier that way.

I hope to be finished by tea-time.

Frank Morgan said...

my 'book' is currently wallowing around the 10000 word mark. Am I halfway??

jesus' son is brilliant, especially if you are feeling too cheerful and/or optimistic.

Brianglc said...

chris killen's flatemate, the choice is yours...

Tao Lin said...

eeeee eee eeee by tao lin - 28,577 words

'next novel' by tao lin - so far 53,000 words (projected final word count: around 40,000 words)