Wednesday, 30 January 2008

gmail chat about panic with Brandon Scott Gorrell

me: panic
gigantic panic
global non-translated panic
Brandon: gigantic panic
me: panic-fest
Brandon: insane global freakout
me: 1,000,000 years of panic
that sounds like a really bad band
Brandon: panic that sounds like a supernova explosion at point blank range for millions of years
me: miniature panic
Brandon: a subtle freak out
me: panic the size of a seed, floating in a glass of water that is also panic
a miniature nervous breakdown, the size of a coin
Brandon: a small, minute shift of panic
a panic chainsaw
me: a deflated panic
Brandon: panic mountain
gigantic panic mountain
me: panic man
the mouth of panic
panic of the legs
Brandon: panic eyeballs
an intimate panic
me: "my panic is not your panic"
"my panic will destroy your panic in miniature"
panic on canvas, 5X12, mixed media
panic on ice
the cave of panic
team panic
6" panic sub, on italian herb and cheese, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, no mayo
Brandon: panic lager
a cartoon that expresses panic with only colors and flashes
me: panic in sign-language
Brandon: a keyboard solo that represents panic
80s glam metal panic
me: panic done in fireworks
crunk panic
Brandon: panic architecture
panic waveform
a waveform that transmits feelings of panic
me: panic horse
a panic of horses
Brandon: my panic is like a soft pillow
or a giant human being crushing metal objects
panic tofu
me: cliched panic
Brandon: panic avengers
death by panic
me: the 'panic suite'
Brandon: a 2000000 page word document titled panic that has panic written repeatedly for like 2000 pages
panic hoodie
me: a 100 message long answerphone message that is just the sound of panic
Brandon: horrible technosis
a resturant menu serving only entrees titled 'panic'
me: the daughters of panic
Brandon: the panic god
the god of panic
me: low-level, uneventful panic
panic viewed from above
Brandon: sattellite imaged panic
me: the 'panic cam'
Brandon: a new line of furniture from ikea called 'the panic line'
me: photocopied panic
panic scanned in and printed out
Brandon: the birth of panic
the age of panic
me: panic island
Brandon: "panic is the new black"
me: a panic-wank
Brandon: hormonal panic
panic eros
me: 'panic-curious'
Brandon: panic as the next medium for depression
panic outburst
me: panic without the panic
the summer of panic
Brandon: a calm blue lake of panic
i winter sky of panic
me: nostalgic panic
1920's panic
panic 'behind closed doors'
Brandon: panic intensity
me: panic 'like it's 1999'
Brandon: panicky cunnilingus
me: undercover panicking
panic scandal
panic scare
panic epidemic
Brandon: panick outlaw
me: lone panic
panic in silhouette
Brandon: "the panic of our times"
me: chiseled#, manly panic
macho panic
Brandon: Panic OS
panic 2.0
me: panic 95
Brandon: panic XP
me: panic for windows
Brandon: the 'panic' setting on my space heater
me: illegal panic
Brandon: panic immigrants
me: underground panic movement


Lacey said...

This makes me nervous and a little shaky, like I brewed my green tea too strong and then drank it all anyway.

brandon said...


apants said...

by the end I began to read "panic" as "pancake." I think I'll go eat some pancakes.

Sara said...

I like the description of 'panic the size of a seed...a miniature nervous breakdown'.

sam pink said...

this is cool.

Amber Case said...

I like this. Very much.