Thursday, 24 January 2008

hot keyboard action

here is a video of Jean Michel Jarre playing a massive gig in Paris somewhere:

here is a video of me playing in the front room of my flat by myself:


Duncan Cheshire said...

Chris, you need to put some serious work into your mullet before you can be considered superior to Jarre.

In every other respect you kicked his ass.

brandon said...

i laughed a lot of times while watching yours

the whole time i was kind of laughing

brandon said...

i went to your blog and immediately clicked on your video

and then commented

but then i just watched the other video

that is a good video

i will forward to to some of my friends, sometime

i dont know about melons i will address that sometime later

chris killen said...

thanks duncan, i am working on the mullet.

thanks brandon. yes, i am kind of obsessed with that first video. i only saw it today. he looks kind of 'insane' when he does those sweeps across the keyboard towards the end. and then there's that laser butterfly thing. and the fireworks. and then, right at the end, for about half a second, you see the crowd and just HOW MANY people were there. i look at it and i can't believe something like that actually happened.

-pc. said...

i think that you are just a couple of steps away from stardom on the BBC's new festival of cack that is 'The One and Only"

the first step is obviously the mullet.

i am still wondering what the second step is. pink suit? lasers? bigger keyboard? huge crowd in european capital city?

i don't know. perhaps you could try one of these suggestions in a follow up video so we can all decide if you are worthy of being on said BBC show?

Lacey said...

Oh God. I don't know what to think.

You should check out Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's new album Etiqutte.

It's somewhere in between those two videos.... somewhere, I think.