Tuesday, 22 January 2008

i got these things in the post today

you can read more about the thing on the left here. you can read more about the things on the right here.

[bonus information: if anyone reading this is from outside the UK and wants to know what hula hoops look like, watch this video of a cat eating some hula hoops, or look at this picture of a tiny child with hula hoops on its fingers.]


xtx said...

We don't have Hula Hoops in the States so I'm curious as to what they are exactly. Are they shaped like hula hoops?

When you first posted about getting hula hoops for a story, i seriously thought, "How are they going to mail those??"

apants said...

me too. In fact, I asked and no one ever responded. But then you did later so I was pleased. Also, the guy who really invented the real real hula hoop died last week.

chris killen said...

what? tim robbins died last week? i didn't hear about that.

apants said...

You know, for kids.