Thursday, 17 January 2008

i 'sold' a story today

in reference to this post, i have now written and emailed a short story in exchange for a packet of hula hoops (which are a type of 'crisp' or 'potato chip').

i'm excited.

hula hoops is now scratched off the list, but i will still write a short story for any of the other things.



Anonymous said...

I have an old "Mr T The Animated Series" VHS I am anxious to swap for a story. The episodes included are "Mystery of the Mind Thieves" and "Mystery on the Rocky Mountain Express" (I'd like to emphasis this is their use of capitals, not mine). There is a small rip on the front cover. There is a badly drawn picture on the back of Mr T holding a two dimensional piece of wood. One of the smaller pictures appears to show Mr T hovering in mid-air whilst receiving oral sex from a robot (the robot has an invisible head). There is another small picture to the left of this depicting Mr T spanking an invisible monkey. Mr T is apparently turned on by invisible things. The video case smells mildly of ammonia. There is no guarantee that the video works. I would like the story to feature Mr T (with or without the monkey spanking and invisible robot mouth sex). The story can smell mildly of ammonia and doesn't have to come with a guarantee that it is working. If you do not want to write about Mr T then I have a very nice book on West Highland Terriers. They are synonymous with being an ideal varmint hunting dog. They look equally fine with or without a hat.

chris killen said...

anonymous, i will write the Mr T story for the Mr T VHS, as long as the VHS is 'Pal' and not 'Nstc' (or whatever it is).

it will be about 500 words long.
it will take 1-5 'business days' for you to receive the story.

if that sounds okay, email me ( and i will email you the story and my address.