Monday, 7 January 2008

news, etc.

i just posted an epic thing about Frankie Sparo on barbed cat penis. a lot of it's 'epic-ness' is due to blank space, line breaks, etc. i feel bad now cuz it takes up so much of the blog, like people will just look at that and not have enough energy to scroll down to get to the posts below it. i think i have destroyed barbed cat penis. sorry Brandon. sorry Tao.

also, if anyone in Manchester doesn't have anything to do on the 28th of February, you should come down to the Cornerhouse for the launch of Brace, a new writing anthology published by Comma Press. i have a short story in it, and am going to be reading it out there. it's not a funny short story. i don't think i've read anything 'serious' before. i don't know what i'm going to do, yet. i will have to sabotage myself somehow. i don't know. you can read a bit more about it here. (i just looked at that page. they called me a 'Manchester ingenue'. i really don't know how to feel about that.)


vic said...

that comma press/cornerhouse thing sounds good. i might try and come along. i'll be sure to say hi if i do.

Duncan Cheshire said...

Slightly unrelated, but to do with things happening in Manchester: Chris are you going to see MBV in June?

I think I'm going. A friend of mine was going to get tickets, but I don't know if they did. I need to check.

chris killen said...

yes. i'm going. i have tickets for the first night (there are two nights in manchester now, i think). let me know if you're going, too: would be good to buy you a pint.

chris killen said...

vic, yes, you should come along. i will be scared; it will be serious. the idea of someone coming along that knows i will be scared by how 'serious' it all is will help me feel less scared, maybe, and less 'serious' somehow.