Monday, 14 January 2008

no more humour + dedalus books petition

i have now become 'humourless'.

from this post onwards my blog will just concern itself with 'serious things'.

i don't know what yet.

so far my list looks like this:

'the news',
book reviews that read like this

but i am willing to take other suggestions, too.

if you have a suggestion, please post it in the comments below.

strict warning: any 'humourous' comments will be deleted.


also, please click this link to sign a petition to hopefully stop dedalus books from losing their arts grant. i like their books. i own one called 'lobster' which i like. it would be sad if they couldn't publish anymore.


lemon said...

existential crises.
the void (life)


chris killen said...

yep. good ones.

i am also adding to the list:

things going extinct (cod, etc.)

lemon said...
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lemon said...


i guess some of these overlap with some other ones, but never mind.

eternal darkness
natural disasters
death row (a man at work actually just said "death row" which is what made me think of this)

needless to say, i am very bored at work.

chris killen said...

how about:

the songs of nick cave and the bad seeds,
loose change - mostly just pennies,
un-emptied bins,
used teabags,
the novels of paul auster,

Frank Morgan said...

I recommend watching films such as the sorrow and the pity

I think you've got Angels by Denis Johnson in your list of books to read, well that should get you in the mood.

and of course poetry by 'the poet laureate of pessimism', Mr. Leonard Cohen will also do the trick.


apants said...
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chris killen said...

did you read the 'strict warning', apants?

Lacey said...

Flesh-eating parasites
Various Cancers
American Politics
The urge to vomit coupled with the inability to do so

chris killen said...

good work, lacey.

struck matches,
children viewed through bus windows,
the scene in 'Jaws' where the distraught mother confronts Sheriff Brody,
John Updike,
'the end of the world'

apants said...

I did read it. I wanted to see how strict a rule it actually was.

Very strict!

I'm off to go give serious lectures on nihilism to aids orphans now.

Jenn said...

when you put a teabag in a bin and when it is time to empty the bin the teabag is stuck to the bottom. It won't come out. All the other rubbish falls out but the tea-bag won't. So you have to use your finger and pull it off the bottom of the bin. Sometimes it is crunchy and dry and just needs a little tug. Sometimes it has been there a while and it is wearing a little green and blue fur coat. Sometimes it splits and there are little lumps of brown-tea powder all over your shoes.

This is something I often find not very humourous.

Duncan Cheshire said...

Richard Dawkins
Parking tickets
Ankle injuries
Lenny Henry
Beer that has gone 'off'

And so on.