Tuesday, 22 January 2008

something i have done has maybe (98% sure) been part of something else

it's difficult, sometimes, if someone calls me on the phone for instance, to think, 'this person has actually called me because they want to speak to me.' i'm not being clear. i guess i mean: it's difficult sometimes to think that i actually exist, that the things i do have repercussions; that to other people i am an existing thing, a thing that could be sent a text message to, for instance, to see if i wanted to see the new Coen bros film. that i am a thing that people think about occasionally.

anyway, i feel good, right this second, because i just read this new short story by Brandon Scott Gorrell and he mentions how he received an email and there was a link to a British comedy in the email, and i'm about 98% sure that he's referring to me sending him this link to Peep Show, and i am now almost definitely a person that has done something that has affected another person (positively) and this action has now (i am almost 98% sure) been documented on the internet.


brandon said...

yes it was peep show from you

its a good show

chris killen said...

hooray. you have eradicated the 2%.