Thursday, 10 January 2008

stories for sale

my friend Jenn is writing short stories in exchange for things. read more about it here.

this is a good idea. i am going to rip her off. i will write short stories, too, in exchange for any of the things listed below:

massive wide screen TV
crunk-encrusted goblet
publication in granta
new Frankie Sparo album
packet of hula hoops (any except salt and vinegar flavour)

email me.


Frank Morgan said...

NO way, salt and vinegar flavah

is teh best!!1

I see we are in direct competition for the converted prize of ‘writing chapter 111’
untitled ‘supermarket nightmare #2’

It is both an honour and a curse to go mano a mano with the original author, the current title holder if you will.

Good luck, and may the best chapter win


Sara said...

Wow! A story for a packet of hula hoops seems a bargain...okay, I'll buy you a bag, and post to you, but they'll probably arrive rather crushed, more like hula dust than hoops.

And I'll need an address...

apants said...

what are hula hoops? I mean, in America they are big hoops that you swing around your hips. You know, for kids, like in the movie Hudsucker Proxy. I don't think they come flavored. Or flavoured, for that matter.

chris killen said...

apants, in england hula hoops are those things too, but also little crisps (potato chips) that are shaped sort of like the hula hoops you described.

sara, sure. send me an email and a description of the story you would like and i will send you my address. it will probably be a short story. like, really short. 500 words or so.

Jenn said...

I have a goblet, but no crunk. Will that do?

Sara said...
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jess spanner said...

I'm hoping to sell some stories too, but what I want in exchange is oh, food, know, frills.