Friday, 18 January 2008

there are a lot of links in this post; maybe if you click all the links in the correct order something amazing will happen; probably not

here is a bit more on the short story i have sold for the packet of hula hoops. Sara Crowley says some very nice things. thank you, Sara.

Sara Crowley also writes short stories. she has a couple on, six sentences, and other places i think.

again, this is an idea i have stolen from my friend Jenn (something that has been kindly pointed out by the bbc manchester blog people).

also, incidentally, it really has been a 'day of moustaches' today. i just checked my statcounter, and under the bit where it says what keyword searches people did to find this blog it read:

drill down731.82%day of moustaches
drill down313.64%six sentences dewey
drill down29.09%sam pink
drill down14.55%sex moustache
drill down14.55%chris killen
drill down14.55%new fanzine
drill down14.55%i want a moustache kiss
drill down14.55%brown girls with moustaches
drill down14.55%drug addiction short stories
drill down14.55%blogs on moustaches
drill down14.55%brandon scott gorrell
drill down14.55%60 sex
drill down14.55%chris killen moustaches


sam pink said...

sex moustache is a great phrase.

brandon said...

brown girls with moustaches

that's good