Tuesday, 8 January 2008

untitled 'supermarket nightmare' #2 competition

i just entered Duncan's write chapter 111 competition.

more people should enter the competition. there's only a few days left.

i just caught up with the untitled 'supermarket nightmare' #2, too. i don't know why i wasn't reading it for a while. i feel bad. sorry, Duncan. i think it has something to do with putting the link to it in a separate part of my blog. i don't go to it and click on it everyday, like i do with the 'people' links, because i forget. anyway, i've caught up now. it's good. i will be more consistent from now on.

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Duncan Cheshire said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the plug/link/competition entry, they are all greatly appreciated.

The nightmare sequel had a couple of lengthy interruptions in the autumn when I was 'away', and I think this affected the readership, and my own ideas of where the story was going.

Maybe it's something to do with endings, are they always difficult to write? Still, the end is in sight, time for the final push etc.