Sunday, 6 January 2008

what i want illustrated using google image search

i want to live inside something like a matchbox

i want there to be clipart for things like existential despair

i want to have a different face

i want to have a different body to accompany my different face

i want Lorrie Moore's new novel to be over 1000 pages long

i want new ideas


apants said...

zigazig ah.

Frank Morgan said...

Someone once told me "'I want' doesn't get"

I hope you get everything you want but I'm also a bit scared as things like 'getting what you want' often lead to awkward or inconvenient situations (I'm thinking about King Midas but feel free to imagine other cautionary tales along the same lines, I'm not trying to dictate to you what you should think)

I enjoyed this post though so I hope I'm not sounding too negative,

perhaps I should stop talking now.


emily mcphillips said...

is it somebody's job to make clay boots? that looks like a lovely thing to do.

i would be in charge of the clay dresses department.