Thursday, 14 February 2008

history of how i know Tao Lin, which is kind of good publicity for Tao Lin because i am typing his name on the internet a lot

Tao Lin just posted something on his blog about how his interns are going to be 'disowned' if they don't do something on the internet within seven hours. i just got home from the pub. i was lucky. i checked 'google reader' and it showed me an update on his blog, and i read it, and now i'm posting this and am not going to be 'disowned'. i am lucky.

here is a history of 'how i know Tao Lin':

i read a thing on 3am. it was a poem by Ellen Kennedy. i liked it. i clicked on a link and it took me to the bear parade site, and i looked at the book of Tao's poems and i read this poem about a bear, and i liked that, and sent him a myspace message telling him so. we sent a few myspace messages. i think i asked him if he liked Richard Brautigan (thinking he would definitely like Richard Brautigan) and he said he didn't like Richard Brautigan.

then he said i should email him, because he didn't like myspace messages. i emailed him a few times. we sent emails about books. i started reading the 'Tao Lin reading list' which is Lydia Davis, and Lorrie Moore, and Joy Williams, and some other people. i tried to recommend that he read some Knut Hamsun. i recommended he read 'Pan'. he read some of 'Hunger', i think, and didn't like it. that is how our 'relationship' has been determined so far -- i like his book recommendations and he doesn't like mine.

we have talked on gmail chat maybe six or seven times. again, we have talked mostly about books. more, recently, we have talked about other things too. but not that much.

this is my attempt at not getting 'disowned' by Tao Lin.

i should mention here that Tao Lin is also my intern, and if he 'disowns' me then i am going to 'disown' him too.

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brandon said...

good job

for a reason i don't know this post made me feel like i need to buy a mouse for my laptop