Thursday, 7 February 2008

music video + competition + feud

i made a music video for the wig of blood song 'granta' this evening. i worked on it for a whole 45 mins. click on 'videos' on the wig of blood myspace page if you want to watch it. i did it to amuse myself. i hope it doesn't look like some kind of exercise in extreme narcissism. i had fun making it, and then watching it about twice, and then i uploaded it on myspace, and then i felt a bit strange about it.

Duncan Cheshire is running a competition for someone to take over the untitled 'supermarket nightmare' novel. i wrote 100 chapters, earlier this year, then Duncan took over. he is writing 127 chapters. he just posted chapter 121. read this post on his blog to find out more about the competition.

i have accidentally become part of a 'literary feud'.

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