Monday, 4 February 2008

new story

i have a very short thing in the new Straight From The Fridge. it's science fiction.

Sam Pink has a poem in it
, too. i liked it. i haven't read anything else yet.

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*update* i would have waited until 1:13am or whenever for the final counting of votes, but i want to try and get to sleep early. voting is now closed. the new blog template didn't win. sorry. *update*


sam pink said...

nice story man. they didn;t even tell me they were gonna use my poem. that's it. i fucking quit. fuck writing. i am going to start working at a car wash.

sally said...

I like your story. It made me smile and feel sad at the same time.

Thank you for your nice comment about the hippo. It was my first one.

emma j. lannie said...

I've read your other stories knowing they were by you, but I read this on Straight from the Fridge first, rather than by following a link, and from just three sentences I knew it was by you. It made me think about "voice", and then it made me want to congratulate you for having a distinctive one. congratulations. and nice story.