Monday, 18 February 2008

something that when i was typing it felt like an 'epic' and i wanted to call it 'epic poem' maybe but now i look back at it is about twelve lines

i am going to go to sleep in a while
i went to work today
i didn't eat any dinner
i just scratched my chin with my sleeve
i am listening to the album 'Graceland'
by Paul Simon
using Windows Media Player
i am listening to the song 'You Can Call Me Al'
i remember a teacher in school
when i was maybe seven years old
playing this song as we walked into assembly
and i liked the song but was 'not prepared' to admit that i liked it to anyone
i am 'prepared' to admit it now
i like that song
i am listening to it
i just talked to Brandon on gmail chat
i just had a sip of water
i just felt another itch on my cheek and didn't scratch it
it is not playing the same song anymore
this could go on forever
this could be the 'modern day Beowulf'
they could make a CGI version of this
with a CGI person in a room
with a small heater going in the corner
typing something onto a blog
i think i would go and see a film about 'blogging'
even if it was just a video of someone typing things onto a computer screen
i think i would pay money to see that
i don't know why
i just scratched the back of my head
maybe i have fleas
my dad reads this sometimes, at the library
i am not sure how much
i would like my dad to leave a comment in the comments section if he is reading this
i just had another sip of water
i am going to sleep now


apants said...

Dear Chris,

This is your dad. I am at the library. Do you want me to pick you up anything? Something to read?



P.S. I might have gotten fleas from the library floor when I was laying about. Please buy me a computer and the internet for my home if you ever make money off your books.

sam pink said...

hey son. i love you. and i want you to know that this is the most epic fucking poem i have every read.

Grumpy LIbrarian said...


brandon said...

i laughed

xtx said...

brandon, this is your mom. can you please tell your dad to stop screwing off at the library and bring home the cheddar i sent him to the store for?

store for.....

and you thought you were the only poet in the family....

sally said...

I'm glad you said 'scratched' your chin with your sleeve. Not 'itched' it. I hate that.

I like this small epic poem.

I am getting into blogs.

brandon said...

my mom comments on chris killen's blog

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I am my own father. I am angry with myself. I saw myself draw on the wall in a crayon and now I am punishing myself. i am inviting you round for dinner and hoping that your dad will come over for a chat as ever since I had the children I haven't had much grown up company. I am confused.