Saturday, 1 March 2008

i am reading this monday night at the Briton's Protection

i am reading again this monday night at the Briton's Protection pub in Manchester. for times and a map and things, go here.

i am going to read this story. i feel like it's an old one now. i might edit it a bit. i am going to draw a moustache on my face at the part where the character draws a moustache on his face. the moustache will hopefully look a bit like this.

also, nothing to do with me reading on monday night, i really like this video by Brandon Scott Gorrell. the first time i tried to watch it, my computer crashed and i felt a feeling of gigantic frustration, because i was enjoying it so much. i think i swore out loud. (don't worry, i don't think Brandon's video made my computer crash. please don't feel scared about clicking the link and watching the video.)

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