Saturday, 22 March 2008

i forgot to bring my camera

i went to Edinburgh for a few days. i visited the Canongate offices a couple of times.

[imagine an impressive photograph of the Canongate offices here. lots of books.]

i met some nice people. i met Dan Rhodes.

[imagine a slightly awkward photograph of me standing next to Dan Rhodes here. i am trying to look like i am 'best friends' with Dan Rhodes in it.]

i walked around and looked at the castle and a fossil shop and some book shops and the 'Camera Obscura' and some other things.

[imagine a sequence of generic Edinburgh 'holiday photos' here.]

i stayed up late the first night and got drunk and had a nice time.

[imagine a photograph i have taken of my shoes at 2am, which seemed like a really good idea at the time.]


emily mcphillips said...

fossils rock!

brandon said...

i want to be drunk

Anonymous said...

[imagine a witty comment based on one of your photos here]