Tuesday, 18 March 2008

the miniature plastic horse gets more emails than me #2

(see this post if you don't understand what is going on)

Amanda Murphy

123 Horsey Street

Horsey Town, OR 12345

March 15, 2008

Miniature Plastic Horse

Executive Director

Horsey Town Hospital

123 Medical Center Dr.

Suite 100

Horsey Town, OR 12345

Dear Mr. Miniature Plastic Horse:

Mrs. Very Small Hen suggested that I contact you regarding the open Office Manager position with Horsey Town Hospital. My experience in the Health Care Industry along with my specific experience as a former employee at HTH, makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

As you will see from the enclosed résumé, I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of Health Care. My résumé shows that during my time at HTH I was rewarded for my hard work, dedication, and reliability with promotions and increased responsibilities. During my time there I developed trusting relationships with each veterinarian and long-lasting bonds with my coworkers. It was with great difficulty that I decided to leave in January of 2006. I was met by all staff members and physicians with an incredible amount of support for my decision to return to school and finish my B.A. in English, which I completed this last fall, 2007.

I have since been looking for a position that is commensurate with my experience and education. I have recently been offered a position at the Horsey Town Miniature Human Experiments and Trials Clinic as a scheduler and although this position offers me more in the way of hours and security, it is not the step up into a more challenging career that the Office Manager position at your clinic would be. This Office Manager position is exactly the type of challenge that I would most like to take on at this time in my life.

If you have questions, or if you want to schedule an interview, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss employment opportunities with Horsey Town Hosptal.

Amanda Murphy


miniature horse to Mandy

Dear Amanda,

thank you sincerely for your email. however, i feel there has been a 'mixup' of some sort. i do not run a clinic at Horsey Town Hospital. i think you must be confusing me with a different miniature plastic horse. perhaps this one? or maybe this one? i am trying my hardest. i don't know what else to do.

i feel a strange disordered kind of panic.

i am so sorry about this. i even thought about lying and saying i was the correct miniature plastic horse, and scheduling an interview with you. but i thought about it some more, and i am in England and i can't speak or anything, and it just felt wrong and deceitful.

i don't know what to do.

i'm sorry.

i wish you the best in finding a suitable job, and if you ever want to send me emails and just be friends or something, that would be good.

best wishes,

Miniature Plastic Horse

Mandy Murphy to me

Miniature horse,
Forgive the mix up.
Best Wishes,

miniature horse to Mandy


no problem.

good luck with the job.

your friend (?),

Miniature Plastic Horse

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apants said...

Wow, I hope someone gives that young woman a job. She seems really capable. I hope they don't read her blog though. Or this one.