Tuesday, 18 March 2008

'out of office' autoreply:

i am going to be away for a few days. i go away tomorrow morning and come back on Friday night. nothing more will happen on this blog until Friday, except for maybe comments on this post.

please write 'amusing' comments on this post until Friday, so that people will keep coming back to check for new 'amusing' comments and be 'amused' until i return on Friday and break up the party and ruin everything by posting another blog entry.

(note: i am 'banking' on people writing 'amusing' comments on this post. i will be 'heartbroken' and 'severely let down' if i get back and there are no comments on this post. please don't break my heart.)



I will ask the "person below me" a question:

Would it really be THAT hard to convince you to be a cannibal?

apants said...


I will ask the person below me:

How easy would it be for you to just eat Chris Killen? I mean, eat him out. Like his asshole.

xtx said...

It would only be easy if I could put some spray cheese in there and let it get all melty first...and if I had a few Guiness in me.

Question for the fucker below me:

Have or will you ever crap your pants?

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

I always crap in my pants. I love doing it.

Here is a question.

Do you ever look in the mirror and think you see, just for a second, a malevolent spirit creeping out of view?

emily mcphillips said...

sometimes i can see something moving, but it is usually just strands of my hair that have clung together and dance about my floor. it's quite nice.

I now want to start taking bids for 'a date with chris killen'
opening bids anyone....

apants said...

Do I get to watch XTX eat cheese out of his ass? Because that's a deal breaker.

xtx said...

that is definitely a deal CLINCHER not a breaker. or something.

I started my period today. Discuss.

Mr Cadbury's Parrot said...

I like to drink goat cum.


Wrong blog.

apants said...

XTX! Me Too! Maybe we are on the same cycle because I read your blog all the time and it secretes your pheromones. Did you ever notice how secretes and secrets are so close? In fact, did you ever notices how Socrates secretes secrets? He never keeps them. What a bullshitter.

I have to go finish bleeding from down there.

When Chris comes back I hope he writes 'Deal Clinched' and not "Deal Broken.'

chris killen's flatmate said...

apants and xtx, yes you can, please roll up the carpet in the front room first, it wasn't expensive but it has sentimental value. how many sugars in your tea?

xtx said...

ck's flatmate...

coffee not tea...and two.

apants. my vagina is bloody. i hate being a woman.

apants said...

Just one sugar and cream, please. I have the diabeeeeeetes. And a bloody vagina.

Frank Morgan said...

this has got way out of hand, I like it.

I'm sure CK will be pleased with that - especially the ass/cheese/period vibe

That'll teach him to leave his 'cyber friends' in charge of his blog, someone even tried to pimp him out!! welcome home.

chris killen said...

thanks everyone.

i feel things reached a 'new low'.

i hope you feel proud of yourselves.

it made me think of this documentary i watched about leaving some 9 year old children to 'fend for themselves' in a house for a weekend.

i am going to post something 'grown up' now, like a drawing of a cat going to the shops or something, to get things 'back on track' and 'serious' again.