Monday, 17 March 2008

what happens to the penis when you die:

someone found my blog by googling "what happens to the penis when you die".

i feel bad that they didn't find the answer. i will answer the question now, in case there are any future searches for "what happens to the penis when you die".

what happens to the penis when you die:

the penis turns into a small bird. the small penis bird goes to a party. there are other small penis birds at the party. the small penis birds have a nice time at the party. the party lasts forever. there is 'beautiful' music being dj-ed at the party. everyone has a nice time. 'crazy' things happen. the small penis birds flutter around and sometimes kiss each other. sometimes the small penis birds wish that the party was over, so that they could look back on it and remember it fondly and think phrases like 'good times' and 'awesome' to themselves. but the party doesn't stop. the party goes on forever. sometimes one of the small penis birds becomes sick from exhaustion from constant partying. sometimes one of the small penis birds becomes sick just from having too much fun, like a five-year-old on Christmas morning. the party goes on forever, like a thought about someone you have broken up with.

what happens to the rest of the body when you die:

it goes into the ground or it gets cremated or maybe it just lies there, wherever it is, slowly decaying.


xtx said...

Do you happen to know what happens to the vagina when you die?

If my vagina has as much fun as the penis does, I will for surely be jealous.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

vaginas turn into dust and fly away on the wind

Anonymous said...

If it's been a good penis, it goes to penis heaven. If it's been bad it goes to penis hell. But that's only if it believes in heaven and hell.

sp calvin said...

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