Saturday, 12 April 2008

critical essay + competition winners

a person called Kemel Zaldivar has written a long critical thing about my story in the new Lamination Colony. it's a long, 'proper' essay. i kept scrolling down and seeing that there was something written about my story, but forced myself to read up to it, feeling scared -- as it felt like it could 'go either way'. i wasn't sure if he would like or dislike my story. i read up to the bit where he wrote about my story, 'steeling myself' in case it was awful ...

see for yourself what he wrote.

also, there are three 'winners' of the competition below. entries are now closed.

please post things to:

Amanda Pants,
123 Butthole Road

Penisville, Pennsylvania

Emily McPhillips,
10 Scarisbrick Ave

M20 6EU


Tao Lin,
228 montrose avenue, #3

brooklyn, ny

i think Emily said she doesn't want anything 'awful'. maybe if you have a small magazine you make or something or a CD or a strange postcard or something you could post it to her. i think Tao Lin would like books. and if you have some 'overwhelming' urge to send something 'awful' in the post, like an old sock or a dead animal or whatever, please send it to the fake address Amanda has supplied.


Kemel Zaldivar said...

I thought your story was fucking great.

Didi Menendez said...

So why don't you send us something for the next OCHO?

Thank you -