Thursday, 24 April 2008

early responses to 'Paul Simon'

responses to the 'Paul Simon's i sent in the post are now trickling in. here are some excerps:

"I read half and threw the other half away."

"What a crock of shit."

"How did you get my address?"

"Thanks very much."

"I gave it to my mum to read, and she read it out to me, and then we had dinner (sausage and mash -- yum!!)."


Sara said...

You are in 'Time Out'!
Which is very cool bananas.

chris killen said...

what? really? what does it say?

chris killen said...

"We found a pamphlet about Paul Simon in the mouth of a cat and it was rubbish."?

Sara said...

There is a short stories review bit written by Nicholas Royle and he says:

" Chris Killen, whose first novel 'The Bird Room' is due from Canongate next year, has a short story in issue 64 of Flux Magazine. 'Sorry' is a vignette of a relationship with nowhere to go. It's a story that has been told a hundred times before and will be told a further hundred times before anyone tires of it, if it's done well, and Killen does it not only well but originally. A writer to watch."

So, yayness!

sally said...

Wow that's great about being in Time Out. I wanted to say 'thank you' for my copy of 'Paul Simon'. It was number 24. I was happy with it being number 24.

I thought it was a moving and sometimes painful insight into the mind of one of the world's greatest living musical legends.

And apart from all that I thought it was ace.

chris killen said...

thanks for typing that out, Sara.

thanks, Sally. get well soon.

Sara said...

I forgot to say that yours is the only story from Flux that he reviewed!

Frank Morgan said...

I just received my copy of Paul Simon (27/50), thanks for that, it was excellent and I really enjoyed the whole process of receiving a limited edition in the post.

I feel I owe you a book report or something.

If I was reviewing Paul Simon for Time Out I'd mention that just before it came through the door I was listening to Playboy by Hot Chip which name-checks Yo La Tengo.

After deliberating on the coincidence for a bit I'd perhaps throw in a YLT fact such as - the phrase yo la tengo translates as 'I've got it' and originated from Mexican baseball.

I'd then perhaps wonder how Paul Simon would feel about this story.

After I'd done all that I'd recommend my readers check out your blog.

By that point I would hoped to have hit the minimum word count for a Time Out article, so I'd quickly check it for the kind of spelling mistakes a spell checker might miss (such as: there instead of their) and email it to my boss. I'd then go out drinking.

At approximately half one, whilst sipping a rum and coke in a bar in Shoreditch, I might briefly wonder whether I should have said a bit more about the actual story.


Chris Clarke said...

Good work. Thanks for sending it.

Tao Lin said...

i enjoyed paul simon a lot, thank you

after i read it i thought differently about my novel and thought things like 'changes need to be made'

after a while i had urges to reread paul simon and i did some