Saturday, 12 April 2008

enter the competition

i changed the bird room site a bit -- the short excerpts have changed (sometimes imperceptibly) and now 100% reflect the final final draft version of the novel. i'm pretty sure, though, that even if you've been on the website more than once and read the excerpts, you could probably still read them again and not notice any difference whatsoever.

i'm going to run a competition. i just decided as i was typing this. it is probably a bad idea. the competition is: if anybody is able to spot any kind of difference on the website, email me or mention it in the comments section, and i will post you something. i don't know what yet. you will also gain status as my '#1 fan'.

i am changing the competition. i just thought about the competition. it is disgusting. sorry. the new competition is: write something in the comments section. write your address in the comments section. the first three people to write their addresses in the comments section will get things in the post.

i am changing the competition again. this will be the last time the competition changes, i promise. i had another 'good idea' (which is probably terrible). the new competition is this:

be the first person to read this post all the way through, and get to here, and then to type your address in the comments section. i will send you something in the post, and encourage everyone who reads this in a further post to also send you things in the post. i am sure maybe one other person apart from myself will send you something in the post. it will be nice. i'm sure no one will send you anything terrible. the only 'criteria' is that you don't mind me putting your address on a future post on my blog. okay. that is the new competition. good luck.


apants said...

123 Butthole Road
Penisville, Pennsylvania

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can see that lucky sod at Butthole Road got there first - he is always doing that to me.

Ayhow had a look at the website - your extracts made me ant to read the novel - so obviously somthings gone right with the multi-edit!

emily mcphillips said...

10 Scarisbrick Ave
M20 6EU

emily mcphillips said...

i feel a bit scared to have won this competition.

i didn't read the terms and conditions.

Tao Lin said...

tao lin
228 montrose avenue, #3
brooklyn, ny

we can trade books

apants said...

i'm going to go to emily mcphillips house and give her books and then I'm going to go to tao lin's house and rape him.

Brandon Scott said...

someone send me something, i need jogging shorts