Thursday, 24 April 2008

final day to get a free 'Paul Simon'

email if you live in the UK and want a free copy of 'Paul Simon'. if you live outside the UK i will email back the word doc. (or rtf. or whatever file you would like it in).

today is the final day to email your address and receive a free 'Paul Simon'. i will post the final post 'Paul Simon's tomorrow, probably about 'lunchtime'. after that i am going to give some to people in New York (i am going to New York for a week, starting this Saturday), and then when i come back, either give away the remaining copies or save them for future 'love of my life's. each time i meet a 'love of my life' i will give him/her the 'Paul Simon' and they will be awe-struck with my writing prowess and fall in love with me 4-5% more. it is a sure-fire method.

i don't know what i'm saying. i keep listening to the mastodon album 'leviathan' at the moment. it is about moby dick. it is gigantic metal. i feel like a teenager. here are the lyrics to 'blood and thunder' ("this ivory leg is what propels me / harpoons thrust in the sky / aim directly for his crooked brow / and look him straight in the eye / white whale - holy grail!").


Sara said...

I got my Paul Simon today, thank you. I haven't read it yet, but I will soon. I recommend people to get one while they can!

L K said...

Uh... got some more?