Thursday, 17 April 2008

FLUX magazine + armwrestling + Hamsun article

i went to London. i found a copy of FLUX magazine in a Borders. here is a picture of it:

i have a story in it. here is a picture of my story:

i just found that they've also posted it on their website. click here to read the story.

i went to London for a Canongate party. it was fun. i met some nice people. i got a bit drunk and 'humourously' challenged Geoff Dyer to an arm wrestle. good lord. thankfully, Geoff Dyer was very polite and didn't take me up on the offer. i met some of my foreign editors, too.

The Bird Room will now be published in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

Canongate have updated their website. i have an article on the new website about how i think Knut Hamsun is a funny writer. you can comment and vote on the article. i don't know exactly what the voting does, but please vote on the article. (maybe i will win a small prize or something, like an easter egg or a pen.)


sally said...

I wrote a very long comment here. Then there was some sort of 'error' processing my request and it disappeared. I feel too deflated to try and reiterate word-for-word what I said.

But it was some extremely positive thing about this being a story I really enjoyed that was especially right for the time of day and day of the week that I read it on. And that for whatever reason it was there I enjoyed the word 'sunglassesy'.

apants said...


Anonymous said...

American Psycho - p.150

"The Patty Winters Show this morning was about Nazis and, inexplicably, I got a real charge out of watching it. Though I wasn't exactly charmed by their deeds, I didn't find them unsympathetic either, nor may I add did most of the members of the audience. One of the Nazis, in a rare display of humour, even juggled grapefruits and, delighted, I sat up in bed and clapped."

If you think Hunger is funnier than that, then I guess I should re-read it. Hamsun here I come.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

There are typographical errors in your published magazine work. It ruined it for me.


that story was really good chris

there might be a typographical error in my comment which might ruin the praise