Thursday, 24 April 2008

join my band

if you want to join wig of blood, please post your name in the comments section and i will add you to the page and you will be a member of wig of blood.




ken baumann.

i don't have a myspace.

i feel bad about that.

mark said...

mark baumer is no good at music. once he had a guitar and four years later he sold it at a yard sale nothing else happened.

pete sach said...

Pete Sach cries down a microphone really well.

internettle said...

Adam Coates
would want to be in your band.
I do play keyboard if you want to use me

Roo said...

Put Jon Yates in your band. You won't be sorry for long. I think I just like the idea of 'being' in a band with Zachary German and Chris Killen. I think that's an understandable way to be.