Friday, 4 April 2008

recording of me reading a short story

about a month ago, i read a short story at the Cornerhouse to promote this anthology. the comma people recorded the readings and put them up on the website. i had a listen to the recording of me reading my story and felt dreadful -- i sounded very strange and terrible, due i think to too many drinks and other 'strange' factors.

i really felt quite awful about it.

so i recorded a new version in my room last week and now that version is up on the website instead. i feel much better now. click here and follow the link if you would like to hear the new recording of me reading my short story 'blue + yellow'.

the story is an 'old one' (maybe two years?) but i'm still quite happy with it.



I like the story and the reading of the story.

Ben Myers said...

What you need is a photograph of the previously-mentioned miniature car, Chris. I shall send it when it is on my computer.