Friday, 30 May 2008

Blake Butler

Blake Butler is doing some good, strange, abrasive things with the internet. i like it. he seems kind of 'in charge' of the internet now. i feel glad that i'm 'on the same side' as him or something. i imagine that if i upset him somehow, he would start 5 fake internet sites based on my name and then just make money from them or post you tube videos of David Lynch on them. oh no, now i feel, by carrying on writing about Blake Butler, like i've accidentally started 'shit talking' about him, and he's going to do that now.

sorry, Blake. i didn't mean it.

(i'm such a coward.)

he also reviewed the chapbook i wrote with Shane Jones:

"I used Shane and Chris's chapbook to help me take the most satisfying shit of the new year."

thanks, Blake.

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