Wednesday, 28 May 2008

coming soon:

[note: the film is silent, so okay to watch at work]


Jo said...

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed this immensely - good work.

It may have been silent and worksafe but my uncontrollable sniggering wasn't.

Joanne said...

Fantastic! This is great.

The photos aren't as hideous as Sally described! very funny though

Colin Bassett said...

you are both very cute


internettle said...

I like it
Also either though ignorance or by some other means i have never actually seen anyting like it. That is good right?

good for you

Martin Higgins said...

I very much enjoyed this sir. I watched it and felt bad about the coffee but good about your reading night. Then I wondered if it was a cafe in manchester. Then it was time for my lunch.