Friday, 23 May 2008

i liked these things; maybe you will like these things too and we can become 'best friends'

i liked this post by my friend Chris.

i liked this story by Bed Myers (even though when i read it i kind of felt paranoid that it was 'taking the piss' out of my life a bit).

i liked this book of poetry by Tao Lin (review 'forthcoming').


Ben Myers said...

Thanks for the plug Chris. No paranoia neccessary! I have nothing but respect for your writing.

I just liked the image of a pocketful of '""""""""""'s to play with.

Ben Myers said...

Now I feel paranoid
about your paranoia.

That's enough paranoia
to fill a paranoid pie.

chris killen said...

i feel paranoid about writing this post and making you feel paranoid about me feeling paranoid. sorry. this could go on forever. sorry.

Ben Myers said...

It's like an infinite echo of paranoia trapped in a cyber cave of our own making.

Or maybe a well-oiled pendulum of paranoia.