Wednesday, 21 May 2008

i listened to a song by someone still loves you boris yeltsin about 100 times, now i'm listening to the mae shi a lot; i'm so 'emo' it's 'untrue'

Shane Jones
(co-author of the chapbook Gravity's Rainbow / Mason & Dixon) has a story up at Everyday Yeah. it is part of the 'people who died in 1983' series. i like it a lot.

there are 7 copies of the chapbook left. order one (meaning, 'email me and i will send you one for free') and i will also include an extra ultra-limited-edition chapbook, 'completely free of charge'.

** early evening update: there are now 5 copies left. **


Colin Bassett said...

which song is it?

my mail is fucked because i am moving next week and the post office messed up the forward.

i think/hope that the chapbooks will be at my new place when i get there.

debut story is up at

chris killen said...


hi. the song is 'glue girls'. i am addicted to it.

don't worry about the chapbooks. if they aren't there, just email me and i will post more. i don't mind doing that.

i had a look at the page. i couldn't see anything. i clicked on the orange line for a long time and nothing happened.

chris killen said...

oh, okay: i found the story by clicking the link on your blog. but there is nothing there if i go to the url you wrote. strange.

anyway, it looks good. i will read properly in a bit.

Colin Bassett said...

it is fixed.

i think.

i am glad you like glue girls.