Friday, 16 May 2008

if i update this blog once a day, maybe more people will buy my novel in january

i wrote a short thing about music videos on barbed cat penis.

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tomas sidoli said...

'chris killen' is starting too early. if 'chris killen' blogs once a day as from the end of september, it should be more than sufficient.

of course, 'chris killen' will have to accompany these daily updates of kind comments on a daily increasing host of blogs and 'literary' sites. for this 'tactic' to be truly efficacious, 'chris killen' will have to 'resign' 'himself' to post on 'literary' sites and blogs 'he' does not usually post on.

albeit it being a 'pain' to leave 'kind' comments on such sites, doing so will have the 'effect' of creating a 'buzz' around the 'product' 'chris killen'.

to further 'accompany' this 'tactic', 'chris killen' can 'kindly' ask his 'publisher' to do the same as 'he'.

yours 'truly',