Friday, 23 May 2008


i posted copy 20/20 of Gravity's Rainbow / Mason & Dixon yesterday. i posted 2 copies to America though, so if you still want one, email me today. the numbers will just continue -- 21/20, 22/20, etc. -- but today is the last day to get one. i don't want to get into a horrible, pedantic 'situation' where i have to email someone back and say, 'sorry but you can't have one.' so if 10 people email today (i don't think 10 people are going to email today) i'll post 10 copies. but then that's it. my printer is almost out of ink.

i want the mae shi to come and play at my flat. apparently they will come and play at your house for $100. i think the man from upstairs wouldn't like it. i think only maybe one or two people i know would be 'bothered' enough to come round and watch them play. i don't know where they would set up their stuff. our flat is quite small. maybe the kitchen. they would play in the kitchen and i would peer in at them, and maybe sneak round them halfway through the set to put some toast in or turn the coffee machine on, and wonder if i should wait until they've finished a song and then ask them if they would like some toast, but then they go immediately into another song, and i sneak back out of the kitchen and almost get hit by the head of a guitar on the way. my flatmate is in the living room. she has come home from work, and was planning to get some writing done on the table in the living room, and i have explained that they are playing but will be over in about three quarters of an hour. maybe my friend Sam is there. i acutally can't think of anyone else i know who would maybe like to come round. my flatmate mouths 'i'm just going to my room for a bit' and i mouth back 'okay' and then i peer in the kitchen again and see the toast has popped up, but feel awkward about sneaking behind them again, so i just leave it there. then they play the song 'party politics' and i feel excited and stop worrying about things.


Ben Myers said...

I went for a bike ride the other day and I bumped into someone I know.

He said to me, he said: "Have you heard the Mae Shi?"

I hadn't. I just stood there with my socks tucked into my trousers, feeling out of touch.

And now you have just mentioned them too.


And now the situation is repeated, minus the tucked-in socks part.

chris killen's flatmate said...

i have gone to my room because my girly screaming was upsetting the man upstairs

chris killen said...

ben: ha.

sian: ha.


i live in los angeles, i may 'buy' mae shi

if i do i will post video

chris killen said...

ken, yes, you should.

Fat Roland said...

Thank you for my chapbook. I'd already forgotten I'd emailed you, so it came as a nice surprise.