Saturday, 10 May 2008

please vote on what i should do today; i don't feel like i can make a decision

please vote in the comments section. all i need is one vote. the first person to vote -- i will do that thing today.

1) spend the next eight hours or so sitting at my desk clicking between gmail, facebook, google blog reader, myspace, google, wikipedia and youtube.

2) go and sit in the living room and edit a bit of my novel and maybe have a read and go for a walk.

3) update my facebook 'what i am doing right now' every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day.

[update: voting is now closed. thanks to everyone who voted.]


James said...

I would really love to say 3, but I wouldn't be able to see your facebook. Hello, we're not friends yet. So... 2.

chris killen said...


brandon said...


An Unreliable Witness said...

I would do the first. Because, well, why break the habit of a lifetime?

I work on my novel sporadically. The last sporadic occasion was February 2002. Ah, happy days.