Monday, 19 May 2008

'serious literature' - 'exclusive' short film 'starring' Tao Lin

i made a short film of Tao Lin when i went to New York. i was going to post it on here, but then i found out 3AM was having a 'Tao Lin week' to celebrate the publication of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

this week is now 'Tao Lin week'.

you can see the film i made here. i like it. i feel 'proud' of it, maybe somewhat to do with the fact that i feel it looks 'professional' even though it was made with shitty equipment. i used a digital camera, an mp3 player and windows movie maker to make it. i did some of the titles on flash.

i think i'm going to copy 3AM and have a 'Tao Lin couple of days' on my blog (probably just meaning this post, a review of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and maybe one other thing).

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