Wednesday, 14 May 2008

ten-year plan

2009: publication of The Bird Room
2010: date Britney Spears
2011: publication of second novel (provisionally titled Sexy Vampires)
2012: date Britney Spears (again)
2013: publication of 'experimental' 'font-based' novel called Garamond
2014: get married (not to Britney Spears)
2015: messy divorce
2016: 'comeback' self-help book / memoir called My Gentle Crotch
2017: lack of sales, vilification, reclusive period, alcoholism, a bit like Brautigan
2018: futher, more 'extreme' reclusive period, a bit like Salinger (maybe also 'find god'?)
2019: etc.


An Unreliable Witness said...

Would that gentle crotch be caused by dating Britney Spears, or by experimenting with Garamond?

Some of these Garamondesque letters can be quite uncomfortable.

I think I have just answered my own question, then. As you were.

Anonymous said...

Good plan.

Duncan Cheshire said...

Hi Chris. This is a good plan, the goals are 'achievable'. Have you considered 'Bookman Old Style' as a potential title for your experimental third novel? It has 'potential'.

I have posted a two-part review of 'Paul Simon' on my blog.

I will be in touch about Monday and the gig and so on.

Hope the TB isn't too debilitating.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Add to plan:

in the event of accidental/on purpose overdose of Britney Spears, substitute Olsen twin—whichever is currently available.