Sunday, 4 May 2008

'time of my life'

i am back from New York. i had a nice time. i'm listening to 'Cor-Crane Secret' by Polvo which is one of the things i bought in New York, and right now, with no sleep, it sounds like the 'best thing in the world'. i feel excited about everything. i had a nice time. i was planning to do an 'epic' 'interactive' post about my trip to New York, but then i wondered how many people would actually want to read something like that, and also that it might just be a bit like 'rubbing it in'. i don't know.

i took lots of little films on my camera, and my camera didn't get stolen.

i met some nice people. i met Tao Lin and Kendra Grant Malone and Catherine Lacey and Zachary German and Lee Rourke (again) and Johnny Temple. i made lots of little films of Tao Lin doing things. i'm going to edit those together and post it on here when it's done. it's going to be called either 'Tao Lin - The Movie' or 'Serious Literature', i think.

i feel really excited about everything.


internettle said...

do you have any Paul Simon left.
I guess maybe not and i totally missed the boat, but if you do I would love one, and would even happily pay for it.
Or maybe just send word doc if you want.

Tao Lin said...

i would read the long interactive post with interest

you are excited, good

Kendra Grant Malone said...

everything is exciting.

will you call it 'miniature tao lin'?


Catherine Lacey said...

everything is good and life is happy and things are nice and everything tastes like strawberry shortcakes.

post something about your appraisal of your new york visit. it will be anthologized, i swear.

Ben Myers said...

Johnny Temple is nearly as cool as Lee Rourke.