Tuesday, 27 May 2008

wingdings poem + review

i just wrote a poem and turned it into windings. then i saved it. then i opened it again, and tried to select it all and turn it back into legible text and it just turned into squares. (i think i'm going to do a Harmony Korine and try to get the people from NASA to try and retrieve my depressing, immature, self-pitying, not very good poem.)

also, Mark Baumer reviewed the chapbook i wrote with Shane Jones, and is now making bootleg copies of it.


Ani Smith said...

I got my chapbook, thanks. I like it so much I took it in the bath with me. (I got some soap on it, but it is still legible.)

I hope you are not expecting a review? I don't 'do' reviews, but I don't want you to feel that you 'wasted' a chapbook.

sally said...


sally said...

I see what you mean.

chris killen said...

ani, don't worry, i'm not expecting a review. glad you liked it.

sally, yes. the only thing wingdings is good for (on a blog) is if there's a time when you want to do a question mark with an extra small dot underneath it.