Tuesday, 10 June 2008

cardboard swan

i was supposed to be doing work this afternoon. i recorded a song, instead: WE MADE A SWAN. it was 'inspired' by a txt msg conversation. if you listen closely, you can hear my phone receiving one of the txt msgs, just after the first 'chorus'.

i'm going to do work now.
after i go to the post office.
and morrison's.
and other places.



sally said...

I am suspicious. I feel like you may have replicated text messages without my permission or something. Have you?

For the record, here's my permission. So it's all okay now. I will listen to the song after work, when having sound will probably enhance the experience somewhat. I have just done a post on my blog about swans, too, sort of. Something weird is going on here.

sally said...

Oh no now I have listened to it I realise there must have been other swan-based messages involved.

But yay! it's ace. Hooray. When will 'we made a swan' be on itunes?