Friday, 27 June 2008

i changed my 'theme' on google

i think the message i'm trying to communicate subconsciously to myself is: i really want a cat. i'm moving flats soon, hopefully. i keep thinking about getting a cat. i'm unsure, though, about how good it would be for a cat to live in a pokey one-bedroom (probably) studio flat in Chorlton. does anyone reading this have a 'house cat'? what does the cat do all day? does it just sort of wander around the flat/house forlornly? does it do that thing where it sits in the window all day and stares outside? even if you don't have a cat, but just a strong opinion on keeping/not keeping a cat indoors, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. i really don't know. i'd look after it; balls of wool, food, etc. i just wonder if i'm being selfish. i really don't want to psychologically damage a cat or anything.


Martin said...

I am the inhabitant of a pokey studio flat in didsbury and have at times considered the purchase of a cat. After much thought I am no considering getting a plant instead. I will water it, feed it, talk to it, read to it, drink with it, dance with it, and should the mood take me, make sex with/on it. No cat would put up with all of that, it would just smoke a cigarette and look at me with an effortless loathing.

Colin Bassett said...

my cat sleeps in a window all day, then in another window, in a chair, then in another chair

then on me on the couch

purrs a lot

seems happy and content

stares out the window, yes

but not forlorn like when a human stares out a window

sean gregory said...

I used to own a cat and rent a one bedroom flat. My cat had 'cat flu', this meant that she was unable to leave the flat. Unable as in, if she mingled with other cats then she could give them this deaded illness to (the woman at the sactuary said its more like cat AIDS than cat flu... hmmm). Anyway, she was a bit off the wall and often quite depressed, but she was also very amusing and very amused by us 'crazy humans' that shared her house.
She sometimes shat in all the wrong places and urinated on the video player.
I loved that cat, I miss her still....... Get a cat, Chris.

apants said...

I worry all the time about this. I am allergic but am interested in the companionship of a cat. It would spend most of the day alone, however, and that makes me very upset to think about. There is a big black male cat who sleeps on my roof and walks around on my balcony and I've thought about naming him and giving him food and making him my cat but he hisses at me when I get near him. I call him Angry Black Cat sometimes. Maybe I'll name him ABC.

There are also racoons and deer sometimes in my yard but I never entertain the idea of bringing them in the house and making them my very own.

Is having a pet inherently selfish?

Catherine Lacey said...

nice new layout. I think you may be trying to communicate to everyone that they need a cat.

did you ever end up writing that piece you emailed a few of us about?

An Unreliable Witness said...

Have you ever considered just getting a stuffed cat?

If it's the house variety, you could just take it with you from room to room - if your flat is more than a studio and has, well, rooms - and it could be a constant companion, yet without the emotional blackmail and the worry when you left it alone.

If you're worried, additionally, that a speciality taxidermied cat might not be realistic, I suggest buying it the balls of wool and the litter tray and the whole malarkey - the advantage being that you would only have to buy it once.

Indeed, the only thing you won't be able to is take the stuffed cat to bed with you, since I believe taking stuffed animals to bed with you is illegal throughout the United Kingdom, under a royal statute of 1868, introduced after Queen Victoria was alarmed to find herself sharing her mattress with a stuffed antelope. Well, it was a heavy night, and she had been knocking back the Port.

Daniel Bailey said...

i live with cats. cats don't get all forlorn. just play with it and make sure that it gets food and water. cats are actually pretty great. they're way less needy than dogs.

it's sort of like having another roommate, but way less annoying.

Colin Bassett said...

daniel is right

sam pink said...

chris killen i could beat you up. no problem.

Anonymous said...

I have 5 cats. But as I don't own any of them, I don't have to feed or 'look after' any of them other than when I want to.

As previoiusly mentioned they often go through a portal in my back garden, which leads into another dimension. I think that's maybe why the rent is so high on the place.

I'm going to write a book about it all.

Cats are good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for what's worth I am - and always will be - Ben Myers.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

having a cat greatly improved my life five years ago. delores seems neither happy nor unhappy. she does not want to go outside. i let her and even encourage her but she likes sleeping in a soft bed all day and attacking guests and eating a lot. i just fed her cheese.

get a cat get a cat get a cat

Maya said...

my sister's cat lurks around the house all the time and sort of disappears into closets. when my door is open she usually wanders in. she has scoped out my shower multiple times. she is fluffy and sort of unfriendly and grey. i feel sort of ambivalent about her.

i am also jealous that you saw my bloody valentine

Octavia said...

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