Saturday, 21 June 2008

i wish this was a video on youtube; i would watch it all week:

a stage. a cat walks on the stage on its hind legs. it's wearing a little bowtie and the top half of a tuxedo. it walks awkwardly towards a stereo (a bit like at the start of 'Stop Making Sense', the Talking Heads film) and presses play. the backing music to 'when the going gets tough' by Billie Ocean comes on. the cat picks up a miniature hairbrush and does a kind of awkward pirouette. the cat starts singing. most of the time it can only make approximations of the words, but in some instances actually sings the words. it sounds a bit like a strangled child. it gets some of the words wrong, like someone singing along to a song they like, but the song is in a foreign language. the cat sings two octaves higher than Billie Ocean. when it gets to the part where Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, and Danny DeVito are revealed in the actual music video (the "Oooh, can i touch you?" backing vocal part), the camera pans back to reveal three old women in white suits, dancing along and singing the backing vocals into normal-sized hairbrushes. they are wearing fake moustaches. at one point towards the end of the video, maybe during a saxophone solo, the cat attempts to do an intricate dance move and falls over. it goes back onto four legs and kind of skulks around for a couple of bars, and the old women scowl at it, but then it 'pulls itself together' and stands up again and sings the rest of the song. the song ends, and we hear clapping and the camera pans to reveal an auditorium filled with miniature swans, clapping their wings together.


Fat Roland said...

Rating: four stars. You lost a star because the sound and the visuals were a bit out of synch.

brandon said...

chris that made me feel afraid