Saturday, 7 June 2008

the miniature swans

i haven't posted anything on here for four days. i feel bad. i don't know.

i've been recording songs on my computer. i recorded 5 songs over the last 3 days -- 'proper' songs, with singing, etc.

i want to start a 'proper' band.

i want the band to be called the miniature swans.

the band is going to be called the miniature swans.

i am going to start the band.

i'm going to ask other people to join the band.

we will play gigs, etc.

i feel excited.

"Paul Simon meets Frankie Sparo" -- 0/10 NME
"fuck this shit" -- MOJO
"electrifying" -- Thomas Pynchon



Thomas Pynchon is always the sucker.

Fat Roland said...

You can always rely on ol' Tommy.

Ben Myers said...

As a sometime contributor to Mojo, I can literally give you the quote:

"Fuck this shit" - Mojo.

chris killen said...

hooray, thanks Ben.

thanks, Tommy.

thanks, Ken.

thanks, Fat Roland.