Thursday, 12 June 2008

more swans

i wrote a thing about a swan. my thing is part two of a bigger thing:

part one
part two

i just got a 'fake' haircut. i just paid money to have someone do something to my hair for a while, so that when it was finished my hair looked exactly the same. i felt too confused and 'non-confrontational' to say anything.

i want to somehow go to a night in Manchester that is a cross between speed dating, The Crystal Maze, and a Sunday afternoon on your own.

i just got the urge to write 'I am getting married' on here, maybe in a separate post, just to read the kind of comments people would write. i am not getting married. my friend Mark is getting married on Saturday. i am going to go and watch him get married. there won't be anything more on here until after the marriage.


sam pink said...

i laughed when i read the married thing.

Martin said...

I like the sound of the 'Sundayish Speed Maze' night. I could DJ there. I could play the opening 30 seconds of la bamba on a loop just like the guy who lives above me (not a reference to god) does every saturday morning. Its the musical equivalent of toothache.