Thursday, 26 June 2008

mysterious hopeless children vs. gigantic man-eating sharks

this evening i made an ultra-limited-edition, 1 of 1 copies children's picture book.

(click photos for larger view)


Tao Lin said...

i like the new blog top thing

are you selling that on ebay?

emma said...

This would go down brilliantly at library storytimes.

You are truly a fantastic author of books for children.

chris killen said...

tao, thanks. i was planning to maybe just keep it and read it to a child if i ever came into contact with one, but then i took it to the pub this evening to show to my friend mark and i think i wasn't 'clear' enough about saying i was just showing it to him and not giving it to him, and he put it in the pocket of his coat. so now he owns it. maybe he will put it on ebay.

emma, thanks. maybe i could write another book and come and read it to people at your library sometime? i read things to prisoners recently and 'went down well', maybe, apparently.

Colin Bassett said...

clicking on the pictures felt like when the adult has to turn the book around or put it closer to your face so you can see what the picture is

i think

tell mark i'll pay money

i am sending you the chapbook, chris

emma said...

Yes, you should definitely come and read at my library. You will probably still get called a 'bitch', though. But only by the under-5's.

Grace said...

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