Sunday, 1 June 2008

unimaginative paragraph of news:

i went to London. i came back again. while i was away, a wikipedia page about me was created and then deleted (due to me not being 'important/significant' enough or something and being a 'real person'). internettle wrote a really good review of Gravity's Rainbow / Mason & Dixon with photos and notes. Pete Wild emailed to tell me that a short story i wrote is going to be in Paint a Vulgar Picture, a Smiths-themed fiction anthology, published by Serpent's Tail early next year i think. very excited about this. also found out, just before i left, that another short story of mine is going to be in an anthology called Born in the 1980s, by Route Publishing. i think it comes out at the end of this year, maybe. this is an old story. it was longlisted for the 2006 Bridport prize (no.22). i still like it quite a bit. hooray. also there is now a myspace page for the reading night ('there's no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them') that i'm starting up with Sally Cook. please friend the reading night if you have a myspace and live in manchester and would like to come to it or read at it. i think there will be 'open mike' slots. the details are still being 'finalised'.

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